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Guide For Buying Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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Wireless keyboard mouse combo

Whether it is an input device like a mouse or keyboard or an output device like a headphone, the wireless option always gives you freedom from the unwanted mess of the wire and a longer range of operation. Because of the absence of the wire, they are easier to carry out.

And, the best part of a wireless keyboard and mouse is that you don’t need to place it on the table every time. You can use it in any posture or range unless it interferes with receiving the signal. So, Here are some tips for you to consider while going for a wireless keyboard-mouse combo. 

Why a Keyboard-Mouse Combo?

Well, you can buy a wireless keyboard or mouse individually unless it bothers you about the available USB ports on your PC. If you are using a Bluetooth variant, it is absolutely good to go. 

White, wireless keyboard and mouse kept on the table

But, for the devices like laptops which are coming with limited numbers of USB ports nowadays, A single receiving dongle managing both devices in the USB variant is definitely a better option. Moreover, it will be easier to track the battery life in a keyboard-mouse combo which is described in the next point

Battery backup

Every wireless device is powered up by a battery(Rechargeable and Non-rechargeable). So, it is quite essential to consider the lifespan of the battery while buying a wireless device.  Mostly a wireless mouse and keyboard power up with a AA or AAA battery, while some premium products like the Apple Magic keyboard are provided with a recharge option. 

You can expect a battery life of around 1 year from good manufacturers like Dell and Logitech with normal to moderate usage.  Some keyboards and mice eliminate the presence of any led indication to optimise the battery life( or only they know for what reason), but, it is advisable to keep the backup battery ready after 6-7 months of usage. Because it will put you in sheer trouble if it runs out all of a sudden without an indication in between an important work.

Comfort and Design

The comfort of use plays a measure role in picking up the device, especially the ones which are meant for an extensive and repetitive operation like a keyboard. An improper tying posture or keyboard design can cause a serious disease like CTS( Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). Similarly, a wireless mouse should not be too small to hold and operate. You should check the ergonomics and the placement of the frequently used keys and buttons according to your usage. The perfect ergonomic depends upon the right dimension of the device, which will take you to the next point in this article


Size really matters for deciding on a keyboard-mouse combo, especially if your workstation offers you a tight space. Some wireless keyboard-mouse combo like Logitech MK 240 Nano, gives you a compact design by eliminating the Dedicated num keys from the keyboard and a perfectly sized mouse. 

If you are okay with the space and need a full-sized regular keyboard you can go for the options like Dell KM 3322W, which offers you low-profile keys along with a pretty durable mouse. 

Low profile keys on the keyboard

Generally, a compact size portable keyboard is preferred for smaller devices like tablets and laptops. The thickness of the keyboard is also an aspect to look after. A slimmer keyboard would allow a low profile of keys and improve the gliding of fingers smoothly on the surface, which will allow you to type faster. While some will choose a bigger full-sized keyboard and a bulky mouse for a workspace like a desktop, the sizing depends largely on personal preference. 

Power buttons

Power buttons are necessary for conserving a little bit of the lifespan of the battery, especially while you are not using it for a long time. While some combos come with power buttons, some use smart technology to automatically turn into standby or sleep mode while not in use. 

Moreover, a power button gives you the flexibility to use one item at a time keeping another shut at your convenience. So, having a dedicated power button in the keyboard-mouse combo depends on the personal preferences


The wireless keyboard-Mouse combo is not preferred by gamers so often. Hence, the price may not be that exceptionally high unless you ask for special features like an LED keyboard or programmable keys. 

Even if you are okay with paying a high price for a wireless gaming keyboard or mouse, it is not preferred over a wired one by professional gamers. You may experience a little bit of a latency issue in the action-packed gaming scenarios. So consider the price only if you are willing to buy it for normal day-to-day and office tasks.  

Special Features

Special features like programmable keys come in handy in the situations like opening up a task right away without following the lengthy path. If you are frequently using some specific task or application, you can dedicate the key or the combination of keys to perform that task.

image of LED keyboard and mouse in the dark room

Moreover, special features like the LED keys on the keyboard or glowing strips on the mouse will be extremely helpful for working in low light conditions or at night without disturbing others.

There are also many special features available when it comes to wireless keyboards, like foldable or roll-up design, in-build touchpad, one-handed operation, etc.

So, here are some tips you may find useful and hope you consider them while buying a keyboard-mouse combo. You can always find useful content and answer to your quarries in the dedicated Keyboard-Mouse combo section of Click and Enter. Till then happy typing and clicking!!

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