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Know These 10 Things Before Buying a Gaming Mouse

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Gaming mouse with a gaming action in the background

The gaming experience on the PC is only enjoyable when you have the right kind of set-up. With the other peripherals like the speaker, keyboard, and joystick, a mouse plays a vital role in getting an immersive gaming experience. Buying a standard mouse is a tricky process, and so is the gaming mouse.

A gaming mouse has a unique feature and functionality, that improves the gaming control, which is not possible with a standard mouse. It has special features like customizable DPI, CPI, and sensor controls, which enhance the cursor movement experience according to the demand of the game.

So, here are 10 important points to consider before buying a gaming mouse.

Playing Habit

The choice of a gaming mouse depends a lot on the level of your game. For instance, a novice gamer may not require the expensive higher-end gaming mouse. It doesn’t mean incompatibility of the operation, rather the excessive feature will be of no use to them.

Choose the best type of mouse that suits the type of game you play the most.

Let’s say a higher DPI mouse would help you in movement games like Minecraft, whereas a stable optical mouse will give you more advantage in the shooting games like Valorant and Call of Duty.

Moreover, the RTS and MMO games require additional buttons to be assigned to alternative functions and macros. 

Connection type

wired mouse cable

Mostly gaming mice are preferred in wired variants by professionals. The wireless mouse may be considerable for easy-level games played by amateurs. The problem with the wireless mice ( both USB dongle type & Bluetooth type) is latency.

The technology receives and processes the signal before showing the output on the screen. Hence, it may give you a delay in some fractions of a second, which may not be noticeable in normal use but has a huge impact on professional gaming.

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Some may argue the 2.4 GHz data receiving speed of the wireless mouse gives you the same output. But, trust me, it will never achieve that precision experienced in the wired mouse.

In fact, the actual wireless gaming mouse is much more expensive than the wired gaming mouse. 

Size and Weight

The third most important factor in the gaming mouse is identifying the right size. If you are the kind of gamer who flicks your mouse around, the weight of the mouse will also matter a lot.

Finding the right ergonomics in the gaming mouse is also an important factor, especially if you are a left-hander. There are many brands producing symmetric designs in the gaming mouse which feel quite similar on both left hand and right hand.

dead weight for gaming mouse added in the back side

Some games require a heavier mouse for better precision and there are also some gaming mice which allow you to tune the weight distribution according to to use.

Buttons and Inputs

For an amateur gamer, the buttons found on the normal mouse are sufficient to navigate through the game. But, the moderate to professional level gamers require additional buttons dedicated for special purposes. 

For those playing a lot of MOBAs and RTS, dedicated buttons help to quickly switch between fast and precise movements in the game.

It also helps to change the DPI setting according to the different games. Some gaming mice even come with 18 to 21 keys including the number key to enhance the immersive gaming experience on the PC. 

Scroll wheel

The scroll wheel is the second busiest button in the mouse after the left click button. So, it should not be overlooked while qualifying a mouse for your use. A good scroll wheel should have distinct steps to help you precisely switch between the skills and weapons.

Some premium mice offer a crips texture in the scroll wheel for a  better grip which really allows you to feel the scroll movement on your finger. 

The definition of an ideal scroll button should be a steady and solid rolling wheel with no wobbling to the left or right, that has a responsive middle click action. 


Most branded Mice nowadays come with a great sensor. A good sensor in the mouse gives you a flawless gaming experience. Things which are signs of a good sensor are a jitter-free experience, Accurate tracking, large DPI range, no uneven acceleration, low lift distance, etc. 


DPI stands for Dots per Inch whereas CPI stands for Counts per Inch. Both deliver the same significance of the movement of a cursor on the screen. 

The higher the DPI, the more your cursor will move per inch movement of the mouse. But, it is not always ideal to go for a higher DPI.

Some modern mice give you more accurate and stable movement in the game with low DPI, rather than an uncontrollable motion with a higher DPI range. 

Typical pro gamers would prefer a DPI range from 800 to 1600. But, it all depends on personal preferences. While higher DPI may useful for some, it is difficult to tell the difference when you get to the higher DPI ranges.

Mouse Pad

A mouse pad is often ignored as an important aspect of a desktop setup. But, when it comes to gaming a good mouse allows the gamer a smooth movement to the mouse physically on the desk and at the same time improves its lifespan of the mouse, by preventing scratches due to its friction on the desk. 

Image of a round shaped mouse pad

It provides you with a softer and more comfortable space to rest your palm for prolonged action. If you play certain games that require quick and precise mouse movements like Apex Legends, a gamer-specific mouse pad can improve your game to a greater extent. 


A glowing mouse will look stylish and attractive on your desk. Lots of time the streamers love to boast their LED-enabled devices, whether it is a keyboard, mouse or Glowing cooling tube in the CPU in their demonstration videos and Youtube channels. And it works pretty well to grab the viewer’s attention. 

image of RGB mouse

Not only the aesthetics, but the glowing mouse can also be useful for playing in low light conditions, especially at late nights when you enjoy your game without disturbing others. So, if you are planning for a gaming mouse, don’t hesitate to bank on the Backlit mouse.


Most of the mouse features are as easy as plug and play while some advanced level mice require some additional set-up and compatibility with the PC. A feature like RGB may not have any impact on the way your mouse functions, but it can significantly improve the aesthetics of your gaming rig.

There are some applications which can change the colour combinations and customise the LEDs in the mouse compatible with specific mice. 

A lot more time there are some connection issues with Bluetooth and USB drivers in certain OS like Mac and Linux. So, you should check the compatibility of certain features with your PC before going for a certain gaming mouse.

Some Mouse Setting Tips

If you are a windows user, here is a bonus tip for you.

There is a couple of settings in the Windows OS which can optimise your mouse operation on the display and bring a significant improvement in the gaming experience.

Changing the primary click

This function comes in handy for left-handed people. By default, the primary button for the mouse is set as the left click. But operating it in the left hand may not be as convenient as in the right hand. So, you can alter the click buttons.

For this:

Go to Settings, then select Devices and choose Mouse.

On the very first option, there you can change your primary button preference.

Editing mouse button use

You can also change this setting in any version of Windows by going to Hardware and Sound from the control panel and choosing the Mouse option from the Device and Printers.

changing mouse button use-

Changing the pointer speed

For customising your mouse pointer in a faster manner: 

Go to the Mouse Properties by following the same steps in the earlier point from the Control Panel and choose the Pointer Options tab.

Under the Motion section, you can select the pointer movement from fast to slow.

mouse pointer customisation

Tweaking the wheel speed

Scroll wheels are often used as switching energy or weapons in the game. It can also be used as a third button on the mouse.

Some mice give the tilting option to left and right, which helps to check any attack from the horizontal directions during the game.

To change the scroll wheel speed go to the Wheel tab from the Mouse Properties

image of scroll wheel setting in windows

You can change the vertical and horizontal scrolling speed as per your preferences from this option.

So, here are a few tips to consider before buying an ideal gaming mouse. Do your own research, and find out the key specifications which will be adding value and which will not. And, if you have any points to discuss do leave a comment and share your thoughts in this post. If you want more tips on keyboard and mouse, you know where to come, right? Till then it’s Click and Enter wishing you happy clicking and typing. 

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