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What Is Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

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Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Just like other technologies, keyboards have experienced rapid evolution. Today, we are presented with a wide array of options, ranging from different switch types to various layouts to get the keyboard of our need.

The key profiles in the mechanical keyboards have also taken significant changes and are broadly available in normal profiles and low profiles.

A low-profile mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that features shorter keycaps and switches compared to traditional mechanical keyboards. These keyboards are designed to have a sleeker and more compact form factor with a lower overall profile.

The keycaps on a low-profile mechanical keyboard are typically thinner and closer to the surface, reducing the distance between the keys and the user’s fingers. The switches used in these keyboards are also shorter in height compared to standard mechanical switches, resulting in a lower overall key travel distance.

Usage of Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Low-profile mechanical keyboards are known for their slim and minimalist design, making them popular choices for those who prefer a more streamlined and space-saving keyboard setup.

They are appealing to users who desire a comfortable typing experience while requiring less force or travel distance for each key press.

By utilizing shorter keycaps and switches, low-profile mechanical keyboards provide a distinctive typing experience while maintaining the advantages of mechanical keyboards.

Are Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards Better Than Regular Mechanical Keyboards?

Low-profile mechanical keyboards generally have shorter key travel distances and may offer a different typing experience compared to regular mechanical keyboards. They are the ideal choice for users who prefer the shallower key travel for quicker typing and less finger fatigue.


From a design and aesthetics point of view, the slim and sleek design of these keyboards offers you a better portability and space-saving option than the regular bulky mechanical keyboard.

If you are someone who loves minimalist and modern aesthetics or you prioritise a portable mechanical keyboard, a low-profile mechanical keyboard could be an ideal choice for you.

Are Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboards Good For Gaming?

A mechanical keyboard irrespective of type, generally has fast response times, which is crucial for gaming. The specific switch type and the keyboard’s overall build quality will play a more significant role in determining the responsiveness rather than the key profile itself.

Low-profile mechanical keyboards offer a shorter key travel distance as the switches are 35%-40% shorter than that of a regular mechanical keyboard. This shorter length translates to reduced travel distance and quicker trigger rates.

As a result, It helps gamers who prefer the shallower key travel as it can enable faster keystrokes and reduce finger fatigue during intense gaming sessions.

Additionally, you need to bend your wrist a bit more over a regular mechanical keyboard, especially if it is not provided with a wrist resting space, which will cause pain after using the keyboard for a while.

Typing with mechanical keyboard

You may attach a wrist rest to your keyboard for that problem. But if your desk doesn’t allow you any additional space, a low-profile keyboard could be your solution. Due to the reduced keycap height, it offers you a comfortable posture and better finger movements across the keys.

Are They Suitable For Typing?

Typing is an exhausting activity. So, a keyboard plays a vital role in providing you with optimum comfort for prolonged typing.

A low-profile mechanical keyboard generally has a shorter key travel distance and offers a different typing experience compared to a regular mechanical keyboard.

Most writers appreciate the shorter key travel distance as it can lead to faster typing and reduced finger fatigue during extended writing sessions. They often produce less audible typing noise compared to regular keyboards, which makes them suitable for writers who prefer a quieter working environment.

On the ergonomic aspect, a low-profile keyboard may provide a more comfortable typing position, promoting a more neutral wrist and hand posture for long hours of typing.

Things to Look For While Buying a Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

Following are some points to consider while buying a low-profile keyboard

Switch Type: Different low-profile keyboards come with various switch options, such as linear, tactile, or clicky. Determine your preferred switch type based on your typing preference and desired feedback.

Key Travel Distance: Low-profile keyboards offer shorter key travel compared to regular keyboards. Consider the key travel distance that feels comfortable for you, as it can affect typing speed and accuracy.

Build Quality: Look for a keyboard with solid construction and durable materials. This ensures longevity and reliability, especially if you plan to use it extensively.

Ergonomics: Check if the keyboard has an ergonomic design with features like an adjustable tilt or wrist rest to promote a more comfortable typing position and reduce strain on your wrists.

Backlighting and Customization: Decide if you prefer a keyboard with backlighting options or customizable RGB lighting. But, as a matter of fact, you may find limited customisation options in the low-profile variants than the regular mechanical keyboards.

Reviews and Recommendations: Read reviews and seek recommendations from other users or trusted sources to gain insights into the performance, reliability, and user experience of the low-profile keyboard you are considering.

Below are some of the recommended products to make your research a bit easier.

Product Name


Shopping Link

Logitech MX

Redragon K621

Cooler Master SK650

EagleTec KG050-BR

Fnatic STREAK65


Low-profile mechanical keyboards offer a range of benefits that set them apart from traditional mechanical keyboards. With their sleek and compact design, they bring a modern and minimalist aesthetic to any workspace while also conserving valuable desk space.

They provide quick and responsive typing with their shorter actuation points, allowing for faster key presses. They also tend to generate less noise, making them suitable for shared spaces or environments where noise reduction is important.

Despite their slim design, low-profile mechanical keyboards maintain the durability and reliability typically associated with mechanical keyboards.
Overall, a low-profile mechanical keyboard is a great choice for individuals looking to combine style, comfort, and functionality in their keyboard setup.

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